Supporting local entrepreneurship through both lending and business education, we have been able to see little ideas grow into meaningful opportunities.  Families are healthier and children are in school.


Our aim is to provide lending opportunities to the most marginalized at a 3% interest rate to ensure they do not get left behind. We also work with them through business planning and providing the skills to run their business and ensure a profit while also introduce new business ideas.


Educational Quality

Ainembabazi works in rural communities where the resources and support to education are wanting. Working with partners schools, we seek to build an environment where all children can learn. For example, we are currently working with Red Elephant to support young girls in menstruation, constructing two classrooms for high need schools, and supporting global relationships through penpals and technology. We partner with local schools to make it all happen.


Cooperative Projects

Ainembabazi focuses on income generation through a collaborative and cooperative lens.  We have supported the communities we work in to undertake cooperative tailoring, crafts, livestock and gardens that has brought the community together as well as supported their family needs of generating income.  One of the results of these initiatives has been the creation of a grassroots social security net through cooperative savings and lending programs.


Improving Health

Improving the health of families and children are a central pillar of our work. A child can not achieve in school if they are malnourished nor a family achieve their goals if struggling with malaria.  Through an educational focus, Ainembabazi works to promote hygiene, sanitation and an understanding of healthy living.  We have recently provided support to nutritional programs and education thanks to the support of Strathcona Rotary Club. Our present focus is supporting family planning and water health education.


Addressing HIV/AIDS

Since 2005, the challenges of HIV have been a significant priority for community members. We have supported the education, counselling and testing of 130 children and their guardians thanks to the support of Oil Country Engineering.


We are currently supporting the nutrition of eight positive individuals and engaging them in community activities. We have been proud to work in partnership with The AIDS Service Organization in Uganda in this initiative. Our aim is to continue providing ongoing educational and community dialogue programs on sexual health, HIV and AIDS.  By training facilitators and educators in the community, the knowledge is retained and continues to have an impact.


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